Dress Code

Student Dress Code

Kyiv believes that promoting a dress code is essential in developing the discipline needed for dance.  The dress code is mandatory and expected.  Below you will find the needed items for female and male students.

Female Students

*  Black Leotard

*  Black or Pink Tights

*  Black Ballet Slippers

*  Hair secured in ponytail, braid or bun

*  Ballet Skirt (optional)

Male Students

*  Black/Dark Colored Sweatpants

*  White or Kyiv T-shirt

*  Black Ballet Slippers

In winter months students may have the option of wearing a sweater over their uniforms.



Students are expected to arrive on-time for their class each week.  If a student is unable to make their class, it is expected  to have the school director informed prior to the start of the class.  She may be reached at 412-977-2010.


All students are expected to display a respectful demeanor toward faculty and fellow students.  If a student show repeated instances of disrespect or disruption to the class, they may be asked to leave or the class instructor may speak with the parent.


Students should be registered for the fall and winter/spring semesters.  Registration takes place in the lower hall for the first month of each semester.  Tuition is expected during the registration period.  Families experiencing financial difficulties should speak with the Board President or School Director.

Annual Concert

Each family is expected to participate in the running of the annual concert.  Families will be asked to sign-up for an area during the beginning of the fall semester.