Parent Information

Parent Involvement and Committees

Parents and families are an important part of our Kyiv family!  The support and participation of our families helps to make Kyiv an active and well-run organization. With this in mind, parents are asked to serve on a committee of their choosing. In this way, they are able to share their gifts and talents with us!

Snack Coordination

  At least three parents will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up the weekly snacks. Kyiv will continue to provide the snacks and the supplies.

Parent Liaisons

 Parent Liaisons supervise the parent groups and their work. The Parent Liaisons will also work closely with the Artistic Director to ensure the smooth running of the school. 

Costume Coordinators


The Costume Coordinators will work with the Costume Mistress on the following:

□ Fitting of students

□ Distribution of Costumes

□ Collection of Costumes

□ Providing Costume lists to the dancers/parents

□ Helping coordinate costume projects 

Recruitment Committee


The Recruitment Committee will meet to discuss ways of promoting new students for the school and dancers for the Ensemble. They will present their plans to the Executive Board and Kyiv Artistic Director prior to implementation.

Special Projects

  The Special Projects Committee will organize work and completion on any projects designated by the Executive Board.


  This individual(s) would coordinate all media efforts on behalf of Kyiv. They would maintain or oversee maintenance of the Kyiv Website and Facebook page.


This individual(s) would coordinate all publicity efforts of Kyiv. They would create or oversee the creation of publicity materials.